Pineau des Charentes Rubis



This Pineau des Charentes is only made during exceptional years, when Merlot grape is very high quality. That is to say very mature and perfectly sugar/acidity balanced.

After the harvest, we let grape macerate for 36 hours and we press it in a pneumatic press, with low pressure.

After a 12 hours decantation, some of our old Petite Champagne Cognac is added to the obtained juice in order to avoid fermentation. We daily homogenise for 8 days.

During the first winder, our Pineau Rubis is kept in stainless steel vats. Then, it is transferred to oak casks for ageing.
We clarify the Pineau and filter it before final bottling.
Pineau des Charentes Rubis is an aperitif drink as well as a dessert wine. It is drunk cold (5-6°C). Much more fruity thant Pineau Rosé, smoother, it can be served as a liqueur. It matches many desserts like chocolate or fruit cakes or even red fruits sorbets.


Like red wines, Pineau des Charentes Rubis contains polyphenols and tannins which can form a deposit in the bottle. This deposit does not reduce the quality of the product.

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75 cl


18 %vol.


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