Pineau des Charentes Blanc



Our white Pineau des Charentes is made of grapes from selected old vine facing south/south-west. We use Ugni Blanc and Colombard varieties (50%-50%) from our Petite Champagne estate.

During the harvests, these grapes are pressed in a pneumatic wine press with a low pressure (preventing oxidisation).

After a 12 hours decantation, some of our Cognac is added to the obtained juice in order to avoid fermentation.

During the following winter, Pineau is matured with the lees. We then decant it regularly during 3 to 4 years and we blend different vintages to obtain a constant quality. We finally filter and bottle it.

White Pineau des Charentes is an aperitif drunk cold (5-6°C). It also goes well with foie gras, melon, desserts and even fermented cheeses. It is very good with traditional terroir cuisine.

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75 cl


18 %vol.


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