Pineau des Charentes & Liqueur

Find out our Pineau des Charentes and liqueurs made from Cognac

Pineau des Charentes is a mistelle (fresh grape juice with Cognac) which can be drunk as an aperitif (cold, 5°C) or with a dish, like wine.

We propose four different Pineau des Charentes.

Our tasting advice :

  • Pineau Blanc (white) : foie gras, melon, cheese, desserts… Or for cooking french recipes !
  • Pineaux Rubis or Rosé (Red or rosé) : melon, nuts or red berries desserts, fruits, sorbet... Its fruity flavours is perfect associated with chocolate.
  • Vieux Pineau Blanc (old white) : foie gras, cheese, desserts, neat after a meal, reminding Cognac flavours.

About local cuisine, you can report to different dishes such as melon charentais with Pineau des Charentes, or the famous Pineau des Charentes mussels.It is grate to match Pineau to your favorite dishes, your own way. There are an infinite possibilities of Pineau and dishes pairing : the only limit is your imagination!

Please feel free to contact us for further advice !

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Showing all 5 results